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please, if you have any questions or comments email us at Also check out our fact & questions page where some common questions are answered! 


Privacy statement: Bushbaby Antiques will never share your personal information with anyone, and will never use your information for anything outside of a transaction, further Your general information such as your name, address, etc. this information will also never be used as a reason to cancel a sale.

To provide shoppers with a safe and enjoyable experience we do not tolerate any form of hate, hate speech, or offensive language, we encourage those who see something Offensive Or Are Offended Themselves To Let Us Know. Further, Any Posts, Mail, comments made to this site are also subject to our zero-tolerance policy and users who violate this may be banned. 


Please note that we do not sell items wholesale and any inquiry on this matter will be turned down. The only time items can be bought in large quantities is if it is listed as such in the listing.


 we accept: credit, debit cards and Paypal


Note that under no circumstances will western union or any money wiring service be accepted. There is also a no-check policy in place as well.